About the Dorks

Why are we the Dork Discussion Group? Why not the Nerd Discussion Group? Or maybe the Geek Discussion Group? Those two words seem to be in vogue nowadays. People geek out about Game of Thrones, girls put on glasses and transform instantly into nerds, but what are dorks, really?

Well, the tale of our illustrious society actually begins with a derisive comment. The former spouse of one of our members made a comment about “your little dork discussion group,” and laughed, quite pleased with herself. Not to fear, her caprice, mixed with the fact that she is quite possibly the most condescending person on the planet, led to her being the former spouse of one of our members.

Still, the name stuck, and the Dorks wore it like a badge of honor. We weren’t nerds or geeks, dammit, we were Dorks! We still are. Some of us are comic Dorks, some of us are movie Dorks, most of us are gaming Dorks, and at least one of us is an anime Dork. We all bring our areas of expertise to the table, and with our powers combined, we are the Dork Discussion Group!