The DZA’s Greyhawk: Morgau and Doresh Map

I’ve been working on this map for the last few weeks, and I’m still not satisfied that there isn’t a better way to save a better resolution map from the original Illustrator file, but here’s my first effort. Thanks to Anna B. Meyer for letting us use her work to create our own Greyhawk campaign maps.

If you haven’t read my other posts about the Pomarj, I’ve imported the Principalities of Morgau and Doresh from the Midgard Campaign Setting by Kobold Press into my Greyhawk campaign world (called The DZA’s Greyhawk). The names Bruvik, Doresh, Fretlock, Grisal, Morgau, Runnel River, Valach, and Walker’s Woods are all from the Midgard Campaign Setting. So are the sites known as the Abbey of the Red Sisters, the Temple of Aprostala, and the Verdant Tower; as well as the heraldry for Doresh, Drachen Keep, Fenrill, Fretlock, the Ghost Knights, Grindin, Grisal, Highport, and Stoneheim. I’ve adapted Fenrill as a replacement for Vallanoria, Highport as Hengksburg, and Stoneheim as Bratislor. The orcish provinces of Gomel, Grindin, and Ne-Ogard were easily adapted as the Grisal Marches, as those were areas once controlled by the dwarves anyway.

Many of the other names I’ve tried to adapt from Romanian and Hungarian sources. Lugoj is a nod to the birthplace of Bela Blaskó, better known as Bela Lugosi. It is now in Romania, but at the time of his birth it was Lugos and was found in the Kingdom of Hungary. I also changed the name of Bratis castle in Bratislor to Blaskó Castle, in his honor. Kolosvar and Barsa are nods to the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Brașov, Romania. Brașov is famous for Dracula tourism to Bran Castle, erroneously considered the Castle Dracula of Bram Stoker’s novel. It is also where my father-in-law is from, and where he and my mother-in-law currently live. Batăr, Straja, and Vedea are place names in Romania. Oase means “bones,” Alabastru means “blue,” Uldoz means “to hunt or pursue,” and Eszaki means “North.”

River names came from a variety of sources. The Kendir River was named for its proximity to the Tower of the Heavens, from the adventure UK4 When a Star Falls. Moarte means “death,” and Os means “Bone.”

I toyed with changing the names of the Drachensgrab Hills and the Wormsjaws mountains to something more Romanian or Hungarian, but the German names work quite well. Drachensgrab is “Dragon’s Grave,” Drachenkopf is “Dragon’s Head,” and Kalentos is “teeth” (but not German). The names Drach Aloos and Flamenblut don’t really mean anything, but Drach is close to Dragon and -blut is “blood.” With Prince Thurso being the Dragonson, and Vlad III Dracula being the “Son of the Dragon,” I thought I would keep those names and tinker with the Flan legend of the Earth Dragon. I didn’t really care for the Cult of the Earth Dragon, and I think I changed Stalman Klim to be a cleric of Hextor instead. I like the idea of the Flan believing the spirit of the mountain is a dragon, only to have it be an ancient vampire (Prince Lucan) whose sleep was recently disturbed.

Anyway, here’s the map. Hope you enjoy.

The DZA’s Greyhawk, Principalities of Morgau and Doresh