Before I close the book on the Savage Tide Adventure Path, I must acknowledge that defeating Demogorgon on his home plane (I guess Wat Dagon counts?) wasn’t the end of the Savage Tide. The crew of the Sea Wyvern would need to destroy the Master Pearl before all would be well again in the multiverse.

Demogorgon’s dying roar reverberated throughout his realm of Gaping Maw, a call to all who ever lusted for his crown. Orcus, Dagon, Bagromar, and Belcheresk all attempted, as did Oloma and Zan (as the thrall of Malcanthet). As the crown manifested over the corpse of the demon lord, it soon soon moved over Oloma’s head as she claimed the title as the new Queen of Demons, shocking her companions. Iggwilv approached the scene and smiled at Oloma, and invited her to visit her mansion when she’s ready to have a chat. She then unstoppered the Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless and began to consume the essence of Demogorgon, which caused the corpse to melt away and left a black stain on the beach where he died. Eshana and Belanor objected, and attempted to prevent her, but she’s too powerful for even them and easily brushed them aside. After she finished her task, she left Gaping Maw.

The Master Pearl was left on the shore after the dissolution of Demogorgon’s body. If it wasn’t destroyed, the Savage Tide could still happen. The group grabbed the pearl and Damien’s body and teleported back to the Sea Wyvern. After they were safely aboard, Eshana revived Damien using true resurrection, and the group discussed how to destroy the pearl. Eshana suggested it be placed under the foot of The Destroyer, Belanor and Damien suggested taking it to the Court of Stars, and Zan, still unwell and not himself after Malcanthet tore away her Queen’s Kiss, abstained from any suggestions. Belanor and Damien both denounced Oloma’s decision to become Princess of Demons. Eshana told her that it was her dharma to do so, and understood what she gave up to become what she called Danava Rani, or Queen of the Demons. Oloma realized that her time with the crew of the Sea Wyvern was effectively at an end, and recused herself from traveling with them to destroy the pearl. Belanor, Damien, and Eshana traveled to the Court of Stars to immerse the pearl in the fountain of beauty, while Zan stayed with Oloma in Gaping Maw.

With the destruction of the Master Pearl, the threat of the Savage Tide was over. The crew of the Sea Wyvern had one more task at hand before they could disband, and that was to provide Ahazu with a suitable sacrifice, since their initial plan of giving the Seizer the essence of Demogorgon was thwarted by Iggwilv. Bagromar and Belcheresk were some of Demogorgon’s only minions left alive, and they became easily identified targets, but the crew decided that it would better serve their purposes (and Oloma knew it could help consolidate her power) to go after Obox-ob.

With the death of the Obyrith Lord, the crew of the Sea Wyvern disbanded, going their own ways and returning to Oerth as quasi-deities and mythic heroes of the highest caliber.

Belanor Demonsdeath returns to Celene in triumph- the hero who killed Demogorgon. When he raises his banners in an effort to clear the Suss forest of the evil humanoids, many elves gather to finally eradicate their hated foes the orcs. His blade is now known as Nurumelkor, “Demogorgon’s Death” in elvish (the elves of Celene knew Demogorgon by the name Melkor). He does not use it in his crusade against the orcs.

Damien returns to Sasserine to be reunited with his love, Lavinia, who is now on the Dawn Council. They are married, and Damien uses his considerable resources to carve out an estate in the jungles outside of the city. He returns the Nimbus Bow to the Olman, and becomes an ambassador of the city to those people.

Eshana returns to her home city of Panijur and is recognized as Eshanadevi – an avatar of the Goddess, a living saint and embodiment of the will of the Goddess. She remains on Oerth for a short time imparting her wisdom to the faithful, but is soon called to Mount Celestia. The epic story of her life and battles against Demogorgon are recorded as the Eshanayana.

Oloma consolidates her power as Queen of the Demons. With the death of Obox-ob, her powers (and HD) grow, and she manages to force Orcus’ armies out of Gaping Maw, which has begun changing to fit her personality. She consults with Iggwilv at her manor, and submits herself to Dagon for his tutelage. She keeps the Sea Wyvern and gathers a demonic crew to traverse the Soulless Sea, visiting a number of demon lords to form alliances (with some success). Many demons begin currying her favor, seeing in her a new opportunity to advance in the Abyssal society. Mortals begin to know her as the Bitch Queen, and many pirates and sailors begin invoking her name.

Without any real reason to return to the Oerth, Zan elects to remain in the planes for a time. He stays with Oloma for a while, until she realizes that Malcanthet can still see through his eyes. She banishes him from Lemoriax, charging him to find a way to remove the taint of Malcanthet’s kiss. He travels to the city of Sigil, and has many adventures there, ultimately stumbling his way into the mantle of the Catlord.